ITR 2 (Salaried)


ITR filing involves providing details of your income, deductions, and tax payments made during the financial year. Salaried individuals can file their ITR using Form 16, which is a statement provided by their employer showing their income, taxes deducted, and other details.
Some important facts about ITR Annual Return:
• The due date for filing your income tax return is 31st July.
• It is mandatory to file income tax return if your taxable income before any deduction exceeds Rs 2.5 lakh
• The limits are 3 lakh and 5 lakhs for senior citizen and super-senior citizen.
• Form 26AS is a Tax Credit Statement that contains details of all TDS deducted against your income.
• Interest earned on savings bank account balance should be declared in the income tax return. Deduction of Rs 10,000 is available u/s 80TTA for income from interest.
• A statement of assets and liabilities has to be provided by every assesse whose income is more than Rs 50 lakh.
• E-verify your income tax return instead of sending by post. This makes the verification process easier.


1. Can help you claim deductions
2. Important document while applying for loans
3. Avoid penalty and punishment
4. Losses can be carried forward

  • Pan Card
  • Form 16
  • Userid & Password
  • Investment Proof
  • Capital gain certificate
  • Insurance premium receipts
  • Other

1. Return Filled.
2. Acknowledgement & Return Filled Form.
3. Refund Receipt confirmation
*100% Service Warranty

ITR 2 (Salaried)

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